About Read-A-Long Nursery School & Day Care

Read-A-Long was founded in 1985 by Joan Syrett, a fully accredited and experienced primary school teacher in Ontario. She founded Read-A-Long after gaining several years of experience in the British school system, where reading and math skills are taught from age 3.

Our Staff

Karen Pezzarello,

Read-A-Long has been managed by Joan’s daughter, Karen Pezzarello, for the past 12 years. Karen is a mother of two (both of whom attended Read-A-Long), a university graduate, and has earned her equivalency in E.C.E. She has continued the traditions of the reading and math programs and is dedicated to keeping Read-A-Long at the forefront of child care in the Oshawa and Whitby areas.

Shannon Rawn

Shannon Rawn is the new supervisor at Read-A-Long (following Sandra's retirement). She has been a part of the Read-A- Long team for almost five years where she has enthusiastically carried on the philosophy of Read-A-Long. Shannon is a registered E.C.E. graduate from Durham College. She began working in the field at Kingsway College Daycare, then took time off travelling to western Canada. She continued her education at Columbia Bible College in Abbotsford where she witnessed Canada for the beautiful Country that it is. Shannon is excited to take on the role of supervisor and looks forward to the new challenges and experiences.

Girls playing

Our staff is friendly, trained and fully qualified – most are E.C.E. graduates, and we have a fully certified Ontario school teacher on staff to run our kindergarten program. All staff are dedicated to the Read-A-Long program and to the happiness and success of your child.

We have a family atmosphere at Read-A-Long, providing hot, home-cooked meals that are prepared by our excellent nutrition staff. Menus are posted for parental review. We are a peanut-free centre and can respond to virtually any allergy situation, and we gladly accommodate special dietary requirements. Check out our park-like playground which has trees, a sandbox, a play hut, and much play equipment.

Mission Statement

Read-A-Long Day Care and Nursery School has been providing high-quality child care in Whitby since 1985. It is our mission to provide a high-quality learning experience to all of our students within an academically stimulating, yet family-oriented environment. We emphasize early learning in all of our classrooms, teaching reading and mathematics to children from an early age. Our task as child care providers is not to eliminate every challenge for our children, but to encourage them to overcome obstacles independently. We at Read-A-Long Day Care and Nursery School believe that this approach has a positive impact on your child’s future education and role as a competent societal member. Our goal in child care is to create an enjoyable, happy, healthy, and stimulating environment.

The Read-A-Long Kindergarten program further extends the focus on literacy and numeracy of the day-care program. Run by a qualified Ontario School Teacher and R.E.C.E., the small-ratio program has proven successful in literacy and numeracy with children. Our ‘HEAD START’ Kindergarten program produces confident young readers who develop literacy and comprehension skills to their highest potential.

Academics are an integral part of the Read-A-Long philosophy, along with the promotion of self-esteem, self-expression, curiosity, and physical and social development. We see each child as an individual who should be treated with respect, understanding and care.

If you have any questions about our staff or programs, or if you would like to schedule a visit with us, please contact us today.

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