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Testimonials About Read-A-Long

The staff at Read-A-Long are very thankful for the families we’ve been a part of over the years, and we thoroughly enjoy teaching children and preparing them for the next steps in their education.

We are happy to share with you feedback we’ve received from our families.

Thank you all for the past 3 years at Read-A-Long. Thank you to the teachers for their positive influence, teaching Keeghan to read, count and share. Thanks to housekeeping for a clean learning environment. Thanks to the cooks for the great meals. Thank you to everyone for an excellent start to Keeghan’s first school years.

K. D.


Thank you so much for everything! Lauryn was welcomed and cared for like she is with family. Words can’t express how accommodating Read-A-Long was at such a critical, new time for Lauryn and her crazy parents. You are the best!

K. and L. T.

Laura has had a wonderful experience at Read-A-Long. With the amazing staff and fun activities, Laura loved being involved and we are sad to have to go. I highly recommend RAL to any future families.

K. B.


Thank you to all the child care staff, cooks, and cleaning staff at Read-A-Long. Thank you for ensuring that Aliyah was in a caring, nurturing and safe environment. The staff displayed excellent communication and interpersonal skills. We truly appreciate all your hard work every day. We will miss you.

B. and S. Z.

Thank you so much for the years of teaching and for grooming Matthew into the wonderful young man that we have. Everyone has done a great job preparing him for his future at "BIG SCHOOL".

B. and S. B.


Aeden has flourished from all of the warm-hearted, beautiful people that cared for him at Read-A-Long. Thank you for all the early mornings!

A. W.


If you have any questions about our staff or programs, or if you would like to schedule a visit with us, please contact us today.

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